Cryptozoology In The Amazon

Big day for cryptozoology (zoology meaning study of animals crypto meaning crap we made up), I found three articles about Bigfoot, chupracabra and the Tasmanian tiger.i have just read an article on AOL.com about the Mapinguary, an Amazonian Bigfoot, report of it differ (of course) some say it has one eye some say two. some say it has a mouth on its stomach, some say it can hypnotize you,etc,etc.I don't have any cases in front of me just the myth itself so i cant say anything except it could be a hoax, it could be tall tales any number of things. The only reason I'm talking about such a thing is a quote from Dr. Glen Shepard a ethnobiologist and anthropologist."the clincher that really blew me away” came when a member of the tribe remarked matter of factly that he had also seen a mapinguary at the natural history museum in Lima." He checked and they had a diorama. This is his great evidence for the existence of an Amazonian Bigfoot a museum had a diorama of it?!? Hell, some museums have dioramas of the story of Genesis ,that doesn't make it true, In fact I'd wager that more museums have Genesis than the mapinguary, and he called himself a skeptic, I think I'm insulted.

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