NOVA To Air Re-enactment Of The Dover Decision

NOVA, the PBS show will air ,on Nov. 1, a 2 hour program with re-enactments of the Dover Decision. The Dover Decision was the court case were a Dover judge,Judge John E. Jones III, made the ruling that Intelligent Design is not science and ruled against it being taught in school. Jones said "I thought in retrospect that the lawyering was so good and the witnesses were so impactful, positive and negative, that the public should have seen it," He has agreed to be interviewed on the show and the 2 hour program will include re-enactments and interviews with Jones, former school board members and reporters who were at the hearing.

I can't wait to see the ID proponents proven wrong on national TV.


Creationist Heading Texas School Board

Rick Perry has decided to have a outspoken creationist to head the Texas school board,oh my effing god. The creationist, Don McLeroy, has written a letter talking about evolution, which is filled with the usual misconceptions, lies, logical fallacies and twisting of facts. I won't go into detail because it is too long, but here is a quote

"Thus, the most amazing "orthodoxy" which dominates the educational establishment "leviathan" today is the slighting of "facts and knowledge" for emphasis on problem-solving and critical thinking. Problem solving and critical thinking are secondary skills. Before one can think and solve he must first have something to think about." (bolding mine)

He thinks that we should go back to the "cookbook" days where we just learn facts and not the actual process of science. This is one of the worst things the education system could do besides just becoming the next Kansas. This will also hurt me and my fellow Texans who are going to college in a few years, if we go out of state the college will look down upon our education.

Figures this happens the year I'm taking biology.

thank you Phil Plait and Dr. Steven Novella


UFO Hunters

From the creators of the horrible series Ghost Hunters comes a new reality TV show about the ridiculous, introducing UFO Hunters. Now there have been about 60 years of searching and not one piece of credible evidence but sure a reality show will find it(note the sarcasm). By the way now when I get into an argument with UFO belivers they can say "dude, their just like Einstein the're being repressed by those close-minded scientist."Great.


Cancer-Fighting Virus Shows Promise

A new cancer fighting virus, called NV1020, is a type of herpes simplex virus.It is designed to be safe for normal cells but will replicate in virus cells so it should have virtually no side effects.

A patient who had 10 liver masses and 4 in the lungs was given 4 weekly treatments and 2 treatments of chemotherapy, in six months the liver masses disappeared. The patient then lived for one year.For a full explanation of this go here, because I know I got something wrong.

By the way; 3 post in one day, I'm on a roll.

Cryptozoology In The Amazon

Big day for cryptozoology (zoology meaning study of animals crypto meaning crap we made up), I found three articles about Bigfoot, chupracabra and the Tasmanian tiger.i have just read an article on AOL.com about the Mapinguary, an Amazonian Bigfoot, report of it differ (of course) some say it has one eye some say two. some say it has a mouth on its stomach, some say it can hypnotize you,etc,etc.I don't have any cases in front of me just the myth itself so i cant say anything except it could be a hoax, it could be tall tales any number of things. The only reason I'm talking about such a thing is a quote from Dr. Glen Shepard a ethnobiologist and anthropologist."the clincher that really blew me away” came when a member of the tribe remarked matter of factly that he had also seen a mapinguary at the natural history museum in Lima." He checked and they had a diorama. This is his great evidence for the existence of an Amazonian Bigfoot a museum had a diorama of it?!? Hell, some museums have dioramas of the story of Genesis ,that doesn't make it true, In fact I'd wager that more museums have Genesis than the mapinguary, and he called himself a skeptic, I think I'm insulted.

Top 10 Creation Myths

I just saw this on Google when I typed in "intelligent design myths". It listed the top 10 creation myths, the list isn't all that surprising till I got to number 1. Here's the list

10. Norse

9.Ancient Persia


7.Ancient Egypt






and the number 1 myth (drum roll please) Genesis. I really thought they would chicken out and not dare step on the toes of the Judeo-Christian God, They even mention in the paragragh desciding the myth the incosestinces with the first two chapters of Genisis. At least someone isn't scared of being bombarded by e-mails.


Another Paranormal TV Show

There just crawling out of the wood work aren't they? This time though the hunters will be B-list "celebrities" such as Survivor winner and America's Next Top Model "stars"( how does that make them "qualified" ghost hunters?) apparently It will premiere on Slice tonight(July 4th) at 10pm ET and the hunters will go to one of the most haunted places on earth, which to my mind would be everywhere I mean pretty much everywhere can have just as many gullible people. For full details go here

I'm on vacation so the chiropractor article will be a bit longer in the wait but the book plans are coming along nicely and I am considering making a podcast, because I getting 4 hours of sleep, I need to stop wasting time. I just realized that once I start school back up and have to keep up in the top 10% I wont get any sleep.What I do for skeptisim.