Creationist Heading Texas School Board

Rick Perry has decided to have a outspoken creationist to head the Texas school board,oh my effing god. The creationist, Don McLeroy, has written a letter talking about evolution, which is filled with the usual misconceptions, lies, logical fallacies and twisting of facts. I won't go into detail because it is too long, but here is a quote

"Thus, the most amazing "orthodoxy" which dominates the educational establishment "leviathan" today is the slighting of "facts and knowledge" for emphasis on problem-solving and critical thinking. Problem solving and critical thinking are secondary skills. Before one can think and solve he must first have something to think about." (bolding mine)

He thinks that we should go back to the "cookbook" days where we just learn facts and not the actual process of science. This is one of the worst things the education system could do besides just becoming the next Kansas. This will also hurt me and my fellow Texans who are going to college in a few years, if we go out of state the college will look down upon our education.

Figures this happens the year I'm taking biology.

thank you Phil Plait and Dr. Steven Novella

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