Another Paranormal TV Show

There just crawling out of the wood work aren't they? This time though the hunters will be B-list "celebrities" such as Survivor winner and America's Next Top Model "stars"( how does that make them "qualified" ghost hunters?) apparently It will premiere on Slice tonight(July 4th) at 10pm ET and the hunters will go to one of the most haunted places on earth, which to my mind would be everywhere I mean pretty much everywhere can have just as many gullible people. For full details go here

I'm on vacation so the chiropractor article will be a bit longer in the wait but the book plans are coming along nicely and I am considering making a podcast, because I getting 4 hours of sleep, I need to stop wasting time. I just realized that once I start school back up and have to keep up in the top 10% I wont get any sleep.What I do for skeptisim.

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