Stem Cell Research in Humans

Back in June I made a post about new stem cell technique that made skin cells, in mice, into embryonic stem cells.A few days ago in Bloomberg a news report said that two research groups, one in US and one in Japan, have shown this to be possible in humans; They inserted four cells into the skin cells and turned them into stem cells. The stem cells are shown to be able to turn into, at least;heart, brain, muscle, fat and cartilage cells; The researchers said that over 10,000 labs could do this technique right now.
This means almost nothing but I nominate these researchers for the Nobel prize.


Review of Judgement Day

I can't believe it took me this long to get a review out. Sorry about that.

The show was awesome and is definitely was one of the best science shows I've ever seen! They got everything right, the scientist were able to talk and the IDers had their time to defend themselves (poorly). I learned a few things about evolution and a lot about the Dover trial, if you are at all scientifically bent, please watch the show. The show should be on the PBS site on Friday. WATCH IT! Coincidentally, I just today turned in my English paper, Evolution v. Creationism, I used some stuff I got off the program, by the way, the paper was actually why I was so late in posting this. As a last request, WATCH THE SHOW TOMORROW!!!!



Next Tuesday there will be a 2-hour documentary on Intelligent Design, on the T.V. show NOVA. I think this will be a great show and just by looking at the website it seems like they have the right view point, I especially like the transitional fossil and predictions by Darwin slide shows.

Go to the web site and look around, it looks like the people at NOVA really got this one right and will brand ID as the pseudoscience it is.

To see when the show will appear in your time zone go here.

The preview looks good and I am definitely watching it.