Cosmic Rays Origns Solved?

First off, I'm sorry that I haven't posted but it turns out if you blog while at the school library, they will ban you. I have my computer fixed now and my Internet will be up for good in about a week, for now I should be making a post a week or so.

Now for the cool stuff, a new study looks at the origins of cosmic rays. Here is the Wikipedia article on cosmic rays, I would really read it if you don't know much about them. This is what I understand about them, they are high energy subatomic particles that travel near the speed of light and are proppeled by enormous magnetic fields, since the 60's scientist were pointing towards supernovae for the origin of majority of cosmic rays. The proplem is that all measurements of the magnetic fields were indirect but this research directly measured the magnetic fields and showed that they were powerfull enough to propel them at the speeds measured, for spefics check the link to ScienceDaily.


Aliens--Are They Real?

Every year my school hosts a set of "Thursday Think Tanks," which are lectures, speakers, etc. that a club or group invites to speak at our dorm. These are highly attended by my school's population of 350, and even the public are invited (though they rarely show). This fall's list of events has just been released, and one in particular caught my eye. You heard me right:

"Aliens: Are they Real? Come hear two believers give their case - Dr. Rick Cazares and Andy Morgan."

Ooh! A doctor! He must be a good source. And the fact that they are labeled "believers" should make this even more exciting. It seems that they could at least have called them witnesses, victims, or something similarly concrete. This is definitely worth researching before going to, I believe, to put my skepticism to work. I'll report back afterwards, to spell out how it went; it should be fun. Especially since my school is all math and science-y; enough so that we could all band together and swallow them alive. And if anyone happens to be reading this from the North Texas area, I'd be happy to get you more information.