Psychic predicts earthquake in California

On Coast to Coast AM, a radio show listened to solely by insomniacs, a psychic predicted that the BIG ONE is supposed to happen this month. For those of you who dont know what the BIG ONE is its a earthquake thats supposed to be a giant earthquake that is going to basiclly rip apart Califonia. Now I dont know if this is ever going to acctually happen, i dont know what geologist say about the BIG ONE but ill just talk about this pychic. first off this is a very vauge predition, there is practiclly NO chace of no earthquakes for an entire month in California. if there is just a big earthquake but not THE big one then he'll just claim thats what he meant. so its really just a win-win if there is the BIG ONE then he's a genius, psychic, national hero,blah blah. If theres just a regular earthquake he still wins. so either way he cant lose.

By the way i would just like to say he didnt actually say anything that could ,you know, save lives.

the homeopathy blog should be up by friday at the latest. sorry about the latness

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