Psudeoscience Kills Another

In Melbourne , Rowan Cooke died of heat induced dehydration during a ritual conducted by David Jarvis, a new age spitualist. The ritual included 8 days of fasting meditaiton and purification. On November 3rd 2004 Cooke and another man were dragged out of a steam tent and upon seeing the men unconcious the other people decided that they were on another plane of existance, astral projecting they said, to get the men back to their bodys they preformed a ritual where they beat drums, massaged their hands, buried feet in dirt and, chanting. the other man awoke after 40 minutes but Cooke remained unconcious and the alarm was not raised for at least 6 hours.Cooke died at the hospital.

a sad occurence showing just how harmful psudeoscience really is.

for another article on it go here.


Anonymous said...

I'm Rowan's little brother and trust me...all his family and 'real' friends fully believe that you hit the nail on the head!!! I have never heard of a cure for dehydration is to bury feet in the dirt, wrap them in blankets to make them hotter and thus more dehydrated, banging drums and dancing. Oh and waiting for 12 hours...yes 12 hours...before seeking medical assistance is always a good move too...NOT!!! Karma is a righ biatch...and so is come-upance!!!
Stupid Jarvis will pay!!!

Anonymous said...

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