Homeopathy: Fact or Crap?

Alternative medicine is rampant in America and Homeopathy is one of the most used, but it also remains relatively inconspicuous about its methods. This is somewhat depressing as many numbers of people trust their health to this theory, and it remains unquestioned. Most people would demand an explanation of how a surgery, for example, would save their life or health, but I suppose those are the people who don’t use Homeopathy. In the following paragraphs I will overview the history and theory of Homeopathy.

The history of homeopathy is very simple, it started with the creator Samuel Hahnemann (hah-na-men) who was a doctor dissatisfied with the medical field of the day, which was understandable as the medical field of the time did more harm than good. It is also understandable that he would become upset at the practices and want to develop an alternative; however the result is so ridiculous and silly that it boggles the mind as to how anybody buys into this. The homeopathic philosophy (I call it such because it is not a medical practice) comes from one anecdote (story), a giant no-no in science, this was when Hahnemann took a small amount of the cinchona bark ,which contains quinine a common treatment for malaria, and he developed the symptoms of malaria. This established the first law of homeopathy: like cures like. This law is the basic premise of homeopathy and this has never been scientifically proven. There are a total of two homeopathic laws that I know of, I’ll cover those later. After its conception homeopathy rose in popularity mainly in the 19th century and then went into a decline here in the US. In the UK the royal families were great supporters of it so it was able to retain its popularity. There has recently been resurgence in the UK which is slowly spreading to the US.

The Homeopathic theory is based on the holistic approach which basically means that every patient is unique and needs a specific remedy for them. Now while this sounds very nice it is not how the doctors of today treat illness, they diagnose your illness by reviewing your symptoms and conclude from that and your medical history what treatment you should receive (at least that’s what I got from watching House) Besides the holistic approach there are two homeopathic laws I have already covered the first law, like cures like, the second law is the law of infinitesimal doses, which is that the “active ingredient” should be diluted in either alcohol or water. This really doesn’t sound that silly, I mean why would that matter at all when it’s all said and done? Really it wouldn’t matter that much except that they dilute to such a degree that it becomes ineffective and they do so in the following steps: take 1 cc (cubic centimeter) of the active ingredient, dilute in 9 cc’s of water. Shake across all axis’s, this means shaking up, down, side to side, and every other way you can think of, ten times. Fourth, repeat 29 more times on average. Now to see just how stupid this is lets take a look a fairly basic chemistry principle, the molecule, most will now this but just to be sure I will explain. A molecule is a grouping of at least two atoms that is electrically neutral and is stable through strong chemical bonds. Basically it means it is a bunch of atoms that make the substance have its properties. YOU CAN NOT DILUTE A MOLUCULE, IT CANNOT HAPPEN. The only way you can take a molecule down to a more basic level is to make it into a single atom at which point it is no longer the same substance, for instance if you take water (H2O) and try to break it into a more basic substance all you would end up with is 3 atoms, 2 hydrogen and 1 oxygen. When you try to do what homeopathy suggest you would, by some point, just be moving the molecules into separate containers. Now homeopathic remedies in your local pharmacy are usually sold between 6X and 30X solutions. I came across a website that actually did the math and found that in a 30X solution to find a single molecule of the actual ingredient you would need a container 30,000,000,000 times the size of the Earth. I am not making this up go here to check for yourself. There actually a 120X solution, now I don’t know how big of a container you would need but I have heard that it would be bigger than the known universe. Now most homeopathic practitioners probably know this and so they made a loophole, they say that the water retains the “memory” of the substance. If this rational holds true than all homeopathic remedies would have a memory of the ocean which probably has a diluted form of toxic waste, human waste, oil, and countless other toxins. It probably has about the same dilution so why don’t these ‘ingredients’ have an effect? Here we have two choices: it doesn’t because homeopathic practitioners say so or because Homeopathy doesn’t work. You decide.

I would go into the clinical trails of homeopathy and their conclusions but this would be needlessly tedious because I can cover it in these few statements: any placebo controlled double-blinded studies are conclusively negative. The few times it shows any positive results are when it is a poor study or when it is published in an alternative medicine journal.

Homeopathy is a hallmark of the SCAM’s (supplementary complementary and alternative medicine) (I love that acronym by the way) it takes people away from proven medical treatments and makes them afraid of the pharmaceutical companies and the medical community in general. It enables people to shut off their brains and never think critically about the treatment, they say there are no side effects, they never admit they could be wrong and that is one of the least skeptical things you can do.

For two much better written blogs by two experienced skeptics would be: Neurologica by Dr. Steven Novella of the New England Skeptical Society and host of the podcast The Skeptics Guide to the Universe. The Second would be The Memoirs of a Skepchick by Rebecca Watson, The Skepchick and panelist on the Skeptics Guide. Two fantastic skeptical podcast are the aforementioned Skeptics Guide and Quackcast a review of fraudulent medicine. Another humorous podcast is about critical thinking, LogicallyCritical.


Anonymous said...


Number 1 misbelieve about homeopathy is it heals diseases.
It never heals any disease or symptoms rather it creates aggravation.

I had night false problem 10 years back( my semen used to fall once or twice in a week at night)
When I took homeopathy medicine and it aggravated and became 6-7 days in a week and soon I became impotent.
The homeopath gave different medicine like nux Acid phos and some other ,
I remained impotent for 4-5 years this is nothing but aggravation.
One day I bought a homeopathy book and found that I felt the symptoms exactly written in the book so I Believe that time Homeopathy) aggravates the symptoms that it meant for
then i got an idea if i take any medicine which is forbidden in night false that would work.
The book gave indication should not take a medicine(I am not writing the name) if you have night false problem.
I was suffering fr 4-5 years and also I became impotent so I had nothing to lose so I took the medicine and it stopped my night false I was sure that homeopathy only causes aggravation
(if you do not believe take Acid Phos or Nux 30 or 200 or 1M and see the result)
(I got the idea One day I had diarrhea I took a homeo medicine which homeopaths use for constipation and that stopped my diarrhea it is nothing but aggravation )
Then I thought homeopathy only increases diseases so i was sure if i take that medicine it will stop night false. and that's what happened.

Acid Phos caused problem with my memory made me weak so also Nux and other homeopathy medicine.
If you take Rhus Tox it will cause rheumatic pain if you already have Pain situation will be worse after taking Homeo medicine Rhus tox. Similarly if you take homeo Graphitis it will cause Skin problem if you already have skin problem we will have more problems.
Homeo medicine has nothing to with the patients conditions. It creates those problem in reality which homeopaths think cures. Bull sheet idea .
My method is opposite of homeopathy (against the homeopathy)and it worked.
I start taking homeo medicine Which I thought its aggravation may increase the retentive power of my semen
I found some medicine whose aggravation increases and some medicine whose aggravation decreases sexual intention
After trying for six years I found one medicine whose aggravation increases Male semen retentive Power(I can challenge any one )
After taking Acid phos , Nux ,Selenium prescribed by homeopaths
If I go to masturbate my semen would fall within one minute and this situation remain for 4-5 years.
So I after suffering for 4-5 years from homeo aggravation using my method I got one homeo medicine whose aggravation stopped my night false problem but the impotency problem remained so I was trying to find medicine whose aggravation can increase retentive power and cure my impotence.
Finally using my intuition I got one medicine whose aggravation allowed me to masturbate for 30 minutes it is nothing but aggravation because I found all the other aggravating symptoms of the medicine.
From one minute to 30 minute.I tested the aggravation several times and found the medicine’s aggravation really increases retentive power to hold the semen.
Homeo medicine are very powerful but unfortunately they all increase problem and bring new problem

All the medicines that Homeopaths use(Like Nux ,Acid Phos, Conium Titanium all are very bad and makes any Male impotent(does not matter what condition when you take the medicine

I can prove it.
I know it is very hard to make people believe what I wrote. But if you ever took homeo medicine and found aggravation or heard about it you should believe

If you are a homeopath take this challenge take a dose of Acid phos 1M
Then see what happens as you believe homeopathy medicine has no side effect you should
accept that challenge and also try Nux 30.
As you believe that Nux cures most of the problems so even if any problem happen Nux should cure(actually I challenge it will only aggravate the symptoms)

If you are not a homeopath do not take this challenge.
There are people who believe that it is placebo effect so it is nothing but plain water or sugar pill.
It is not it is a danger and it creates illusion never cures any symptom or decease.

If you say that medicine caused aggravation they will say actually it is healing it was hidden in the body but now it is coming out.

Suppose if one medicine is used for weakness loss of memory etc so when aggravation comes according to homeopaths those were hidden in the body! just bullshit.

Some homeopaths say low potency cause aggravation because the observe it so when aggravation comes they give more dilution or higher potency and eventually creates more aggravation.

Some homeopaths gives lower potency of the same medicine when there is aggravation with the higher potency(But they believe lower potency cause aggravation).

Some homeopaths believe that higher potency can cause aggravation so if a patient
reports aggravation they put the medicine in water and take little amount.they believe it will stop the aggravation (but homeopathy says if you dilute any medicine in water its potency increases and also thats how they increase potency so the conclusion is that if you have aggravation with a higher potency give more higher potency another bullshit!ys

One homeopath in abchomeopathy.com says
if you find aggravation put one peal in one glass of water take little amount if it does not stop aggravation
take one spoon of this water to fresh one glass of water take like one spoon of the medicine water continue the process upto 24 glasses is there anything more bullshit in the world than this?

Lastly homeopaths talk about psychological aspect to match medicine.
But Acid Phos will cause Loss of memory , weakness debility if one million average people take it (homeopaths call it healthy people) the same symtomps will appear thats what they get when they prove any medicine so why they talk about psychology? another bullshit

Thank you and have a nice day

Anonymous said...

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megleechin said...

The thing you are overlooking is that homeopathy works.

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Sometimes I'm a little more polite when discussing similar topics, but all the stuff I've been reading about homeopathy recently sent me over the edge I think!

Perhaps I should drink a glass of water that was once near a sedative...

Anonymous said...

I think is a fact that it works, but of course is not for everybody, it is not like when you buy viagra that you know is going to work.