Pictures from TAM

Sorry about the crappy photo's, next year I'll bring a good camera

The t-shirt that I had signed by the SGU

The Autographs of the SGU

Me and Rebecca Watson from Skepchick and the SGU

Me and Evan Burnstein from the SGU

Paris: The hotel I stayed at.

Me and Phil Plait a few minutes after TAM closed

The shirt and name tag I got from TAM

Adam Savage signing DVD's

Me and James "The Amazing"Randi

Me and Bob Novella from the SGU

Me and Jay Novella of the SGU

Me and Steve Novella, Host of the SGU

One of Phil Plait's slides

Michael Shermer's talk

The SGU's live podcast (Had a front row seat!)

Steve's talk

Neil DeGrasse Tyson's keynote speech "brain droppings

of a skeptic", ran over by 30 minutes or so. At the end of

his time we all started begging for more.

Penn & Teller's Q&A session, "what do you think about enviormentalism?

"....................(look at each other)............... Don't know."

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reevesAstronomy said...

Wow. You got to meet all of the skeptics in the SGU! And Phil Plait and Neil DeGrasse Tyson and James Randi! Must've been a pretty wicked time. We need more teen skeptics out there, keep up the good blogging.