Baby Jesus is found

This is straight from Fark.com, a baby jesus was stolen from a family's nativity scene 6 years ago and was found at a police auction this month. Not a big news story but this jumped out at me:
"Rather than spend more than $1,000 on a new set, Hoffman used dolls or her son,
Jack, now 10,as stand-ins for the last six years while Jesus was away from
his manger at the West Des Moines Police Department's evidence locker.
"Jack usually didn't last too long," Hoffman said. "It was hard to convince
him to lie out there in the freezing cold."

Holy Shit, now this could have been just a joke but if it's true than this is really, really disturbing. I really have no other comment, just had to write about this; also the cops did not connect the baby jesus being stolen and a baby jesus with a painted swastika showing up on someones lawn.

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