The Chupacabra That Wasn't

There's been a recent discovery! Some lady near San Antonio (pretty much my backyard) found a chupacabra! Well...it's either a "Texas tasmanian devil" or a mangy coyote/dog. Either way it's roadkill, and the woman in question is really selling the story. Canion claims that she's been losing chickens and goats to the creature in question, which is clearly identifiable due to its MO: it
sucks the blood of its victims, draining them while leaving the meat wholly intact.

Frankly it seems to me like a good way to cleanly prepare meat according to kosher standards.

The scientists that have been sent DNA samples aren't enthused, and it's probably due to the fact that no matter what they decide, many Southern Texans will claim that this is the beast that has acted in such a way that enables us to continue to describe it as a chupacabra: real live (or roadkilled, if you like) proof. For the masses following this story, science is just not going to win.

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